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Deadly Boss Mods
[ Скачать с сервера (1.57 Mb) ] 20.10.2011, 21:42:03
  • Slash Commands
    • /dbm - shows/hides the GUI
    • /dbm timer <time> <name> - starts a local timer, the time can be in the mm:ss format
    • /dbm broadcast timer <time> <name> - broadcasts a timer to the raid
    • /dbm unlock - shows a movable timer bar (alias: move)
    • /dbm ver - performs a raid-wide version check
    • /range or /distance - shows the RangeCheck frame
    • /dbm pull <time> (seconds)
    • /dbm break <time> (minutes)
  • Features

    • Boss mods for all raid bosses
    • Colored raid warnings (players will be colored according to their class) with icons - so you will know what's going on without even reading the message
    • Auto-respond during boss fights. DBM will inform anyone who whispers you during a boss fight that you are busy. These messages contain the name and health of the boss as well as the raid's status
    • HealthFrame: you can enable a simple frame that shows a health bar for all active bosses. This is enabled by default for multi-mob bosses like Four Horsemen
    • Bars can be enlarged with decent effects when they are about to expire
    • Crash recovery: you had a disconnect or crash during a boss fight? No problem for DBM! It will request the timer and combat status information from other DBM users in your raid group and you get your timers back
    • Synchronization system for accurate timers
    • No dependencies, no embedded libraries (except for the optional LibDataBroker plugin that embeds LibDataBroker)
    • Modular design - all boss mods are plugins and can be exchanged, removed or updated separately
    • Load on demand - all boss mods are separate AddOns and they will be loaded when they are needed. So they don't use memory or cpu until you enter the corresponding instance
    • Efficient code: DBM uses less than 250 kb memory and the cpu usage is also very low
    • Special effects like the screen flash effect, huge warning messages and sounds will draw your attention to critical events
    • Bars can change their color over time and flash before they expire
    • There are many bar designs to choose from, all designs are are customizable: you can change the color, size, icon position etc.
    • Support for SharedMedia, so you can use any texture for your bars
    • Option to create custom timers, so-called "Pizza Timers" for your pizza or whatever you prefer to eat while raiding. You can also send those timers to your raid group
    • Powerful object-oriented API - you can use it to write your own boss mods!

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